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Flower Preservation in Resin

Preserve your Flowers in Resin


Your Guide to Flower Preservation in Resin


  • You should send your FRESH flower bouquets 1-3 days after the occasion. If it’s past the recommended period, please send us a picture of your bouquet’s current condition so we can evaluate. If your flowers are dried and preserved (Fresh flowers that turned brown or has started wilting are different from those that are already dried/preserved flowers) , you can send them anytime.
  • If your flowers are fresh, please make sure to cover the stems with wet tissue (not wipes) and plastic so they will keep hydrated while in transit.
  • If you’re sending your flowers via motorcycle couriers, please pack them in a bag . If your flowers will be shipped via local couriers (LBC, J&T, etc.) we recommend a packaging box.


  • Our Team will evaluate your flowers upon arrival and deconstruct them accordingly. We will only get and preserve the amount of flowers that will fit your chosen molder(s). You can also deconstruct & select the flowers you want to preserve.
  • Fresh flowers will undergo dehydration/drying process, which takes 2-3 weeks depending on their type and condition. We may re-shape your focal flowers (e.g. roses, peonies, etc.) by opening the petals to make them look fuller and in full-bloom.
  • Already dried and preserved flowers that no longer need dehydration will be lined-up immediately for designing and resin preservation.
  • Fresh flowers, once dried, will normally change or lose their natural colors. Their sizes may also shrink and their shapes may be deformed.


  • Once your flowers are dried, we will start designing them on the shape of your chosen molder. We will send you photos of the design(s) for approval.
  • All designs sent are not final and may still have minimal changes during resin pouring.


  • After designing, your flowers will now be arranged in your chosen molder and will start being poured with resin. During this process, no alteration/changes will be accepted. This process takes 1-2 weeks depending on the molder size. The bigger the molder, the longer it takes for resin to cure.
  • When cured, some flowers may become translucent, and/or change colors (e.g. dried white flowers may turn yellow/cream.) It is the flowers’ normal reaction to the resin formula. Flower bruises will also be more visible.
  • Bigger flowers that cannot fully fit the resin block may look embossed on the top/face of the art, but are still covered with resin.
  • Total lead time to complete a resin block is 5 weeks, but it usually changes depending on volume of booking(s) made each month. It can go up to 10-12 weeks during peak seasons.